Soimadou Ibrahim (French, b. 1989 and currently based in London, England) grew up in Ngazidja, the biggest island of the Comoros archipelago, until the age of 10. Ibrahim’s paintings feature his grandmother, family, and close friends who still live in Comoros, portraying the strength of his family bond and the community he was raised in. Ibrahim also reassesses the complexities of history and race by questioning his own “Frenchness” in relation to the island’s colonial past under French occupation


Farewell Savane, KOTARO NUKAGA, Tokyo, Japan

Distant Relatives, Bill Brady Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
My Thoughts Tell Me Tales, ATM Gallery,  New York, USA

Isolation Mastered, JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

Better late than never



Talk event to be held in commemoration of Sowamadu Ibrahim's first solo exhibition in Japan, "Farewell Savane

Join Hiroki Yamamoto, the author of History of Contemporary Art, Ai Koike, the navigator of YouTube channel Meet Your Art, and Kotaro Nukaga, the director of KOTARO NUKAGA, in our talk event “Diversity of Black Art and its Global Development”. To commemorate the first solo-exhibition of Sowamadou Ibrahim in Japan, “Farewell Savane”, we will be

KOTARO NUKAGA will participate 'ART WEEK TOKYO' to be held in November.

‘ART WEEK TOKYO’ will organize four different bus routes connecting each of the 50 galleries and museums in Tokyo that have been leading contemporary art, from internationally active galleries to new generation artist run spaces, national museums to private museums. This is a new event where you can experience the art and culture of Tokyo

Soimadou Ibrahim ‘Farewell Savane’

From November 4 (Thu) to December 18 (Sat), 2021, KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is pleased to announce ‘Farewell Savane,’ a solo exhibition by London-based French artist Soimadou Ibrahim. The show marks the artist’s first exhibition in Japan, and will feature 21 new paintings. Learn more   Exhibition Outline Soimadou Ibrahim, ‘Farewell Savane’ November 4 (Thu) –