West Bund Art & Design 2021

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the international art fair West Bund Art & Design 2021 in Shanghai from November 11, 2021 (Thursday). For our first art fair in 2 years, KOTARO NUKAGA will be exhibiting works by six artists, including New York-based artists Tony Matelli and Tomokazu Matsuyama.

Keita Morimoto ‘After Dark’

From November 20 to December 25, 2021, KOTARO NUKAGA, Tennoz is pleased to present ‘After Dark,’ a solo exhibition by Keita Morimoto. After 15 years in Canada, the artist has returned to Japan this year to unveil 21 new paintings at his first ever solo exhibition in his home country. Learn more   Exhibiton Outline

KOTARO NUKAGA will participate 'ART WEEK TOKYO' to be held in November.

‘ART WEEK TOKYO’ will organize four different bus routes connecting each of the 50 galleries and museums in Tokyo that have been leading contemporary art, from internationally active galleries to new generation artist run spaces, national museums to private museums. This is a new event where you can experience the art and culture of Tokyo

Soimadou Ibrahim ‘Farewell Savane’

From November 4 (Thu) to December 18 (Sat), 2021, KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is pleased to announce ‘Farewell Savane,’ a solo exhibition by London-based French artist Soimadou Ibrahim. The show marks the artist’s first exhibition in Japan, and will feature 21 new paintings. Learn more   Exhibition Outline Soimadou Ibrahim, ‘Farewell Savane’ November 4 (Thu) –

Yuichi Hirako's first art book "GIFT HIRAKO YUICHI" went on sale

Finally, Yuichi Hirako’s first art book “GIFT HIRAKO YUICHI” went on sale to the public today. Not only the atmosphere of the exhibition “GIFT” held in January this year, but also the cover and drawings written for this catalogue scattered everywhere, and the artist himself is particular about the details. Please feel free to purchase

Public Art by Tomokazu Matsuyama will on view at Chiba JPF Dome

Tomokazu Matsuyama’s works will be on permanent display in the foyer space by the main entrance of the Chiba JPF Dome, a 250-meter-long wooden bank will be opened newly on Oct.2 on the site of the former Chiba bicycle race track. You can see two powerful sculptures ‘Glory Slowly’ and ‘Immortality Morality’ of about 4.5

Notice of Extended Exhibition: Group Exhibition ‘The Past in Motion’

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce the current exhibition Group Exhibition ‘The Past in Motion’ has been extended to Saturday, October 16, 2021. KOTARO NUKAGA coordinated installation of artworks in guest rooms, restaurants, and lounges of the auberge “HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota” at Miyota City, beside Karuizawa City, Nagano-prefecture. In the theme of “a stay encountering


From September 18th to October 23rd, 2021, KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is pleased to announce that we will be presenting ‘ALLOW ACTION (GOLD PAINTINGS)’, a solo exhibition by Stefan Brüggemann. This marks the artist’s second show with the gallery, and three years since he opened the gallery’s first show in October 2018. Learn more Exhibition Outline

Group Exhibition ‘The Past in Motion’

KOTARO NUKAGA, Tennoz will be pleased to announce a group exhibition by nine artists, ‘The Past in Motion’ from August 7th (Sat) to September 11th (Sat), 2021. Learn more Exhibition Outline Title : The Past in Motion Artist : Jean-Eugéne Atget, Darren Almond, Gentaro Ishizuka, Hirofumi Isoya, Ritsue Mishima, Man Ray, Kyoji Takubo, Kouichi Tabata, Tomoko Yoneda Date : August 7 (Sat) – September 11(Sat), 2021 

Yuichi Hirako ‘Papyrus’

We are pleased to announce that in commemoration of the publication of Yuichi Hirako’s catalogue GIFT YUICHI HIRAKO, KOTARO NUKAGA, Tennoz will be exhibiting ‘Papyrus’ by Yuichi Hirako from July 14th (Wed) to July 21st (Wed), 2021. Yuichi Hirako’s works explore the vague boundary between nature and humans. Following the positive reception to his activities both