Kazuhito Kawai ‘Hold me close, a grain at a time’

From December 17, 2022 (Sat) to February 4, 2023 (Sat), KOTARO NUKAGA, Tennoz is pleased to announce ‘Hold me close, a grain at a time’, Kazuhito Kawai’s first solo exhibition in Japan. Born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, in 1984, Kawai studied at the Chelsea College of Arts in London before eventually returning to Japan where,

’Under Current Satellite Exhibition’ at N&A Art SITE

Under Current Satellite Exhibition” will be held at N&A Art SITE (Meguro-ku, Tokyo) from December 3 (Sat) to 17 (Sat), 2022. This exhibition is an abstracted exhibition in Japan of “Under Current,” an exhibition by 16 Japanese artists currently being held at the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai. The exhibition will feature one work from each

Group exhibition curated by artist Keita Morimoto 'Crossing'

From November 26 (Sat) to January 28 (Sat), KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is pleased to present ‘Crossing,’ a group show curated by the artist Keita Morimoto. The exhibition will showcase the work of nine emerging talents who are currently garnering international attention. Morimoto, who studied art in Canada and recently returned to pursue an artistic career

KOTARO NUKAGA to participate in Art Collaboration Kyoto (ACK)

KOTARO NUKAGA will participate in “Art Collaboration Kyoto” (ACK), an art fair themed on “contemporary art and collaboration” to be held in Kyoto from November 18 (Fri) to 20 (Sun), 2022.(HP: KOTARO NUKAGA will be exhibiting with Chicago-based Kavi Gupta. Starting with Tomokazu Matsuyama, who is represented by both galleries, KOTARO NUKAGA will bring Kyoto-based

’Under Current’, an exhibition of 16 Japanese artists, opens at Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, China

From November 11, 2022 to January 29, 2023, the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, China will present ‘Under Current,’ an exhibition of 16 Japanese artists. (URL: KOTARO NUKAGA is proud to announce that Yuichi Hirako, Tomona Matsukawa, Mariko Kobayashi and Keita Morimoto participate in this group exhibition. Regarded as the largest private museum in Asia, the

Nanami Inoue to participate in 'over and over' at MOGANA in Kyoto

Nanami Inoue to participate in “over and over” at MOGANA, the most luxurious hotel in Kyoto. The exhibition will feature Kengo Kito, a contemporary artist who has received acclaim in both Japan and abroad for his works that attune our sensitivity to color through the use of everyday objects such as hula hoops and scarves.

Gentaro Ishizuka will exhibit his work in 'DOMANI・明日展 2022-2023' at the National Art Center, Tokyo.

Gentaro Ishizuka will participate in the 25th ‘DOMANI・明日展 2022-2023’ starting Saturday, November 19, 2022.(URL: The ‘DOMANI・明日展 2022-2023’ exhibition began in 1998 as an opportunity for young artists to present the results of the Overseas Study Program for Emerging Artists (Zaiken), an overseas training program for young artists conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Matsuyama is exhibiting upon invitation by IKSV as an official collateral project to the 17th Istanbul Biennial. 

We are pleased to announce Tomokazu Matsuyama’s public projects United We Stand Divided and Nirvana Tropicana in collaboration with Yanköşe and Galataport. Both large scale sculptures by Matsuyama will be exhibited upon invitation by IKSV as an official collateral project to the 17th Istanbul Biennial. For Yanköşe, Matsuyama re-imagines his sculpture He Sits She Reads (2021) as a large installation. For

Change in the opening hours of the gallery on Saturday, November 5, 2022

KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi) will be open from 11:00 to 15:00 on Saturday, November 5, 2022 for a talk event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. KOTARO NUKAGA

Yuichiro Tamura × Yuko Mohri Announcement of Talks Event

Yuichiro Tamura, whose solo exhibition ’N’ is currently being presented by KOTARO NUKAGA (Roppongi), and Yuko Mohri, whose solo exhibition ‘Neue Fruchtige Tanzmusik’ will be presented by Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, will hold talks as an official program of ART WEEK TOKYO 2022. If you would like to apply, please fill out the application form below.