Gentaro Ishizuka・Mariko Kobayashi ・Kyoji Takubo | CADAN Yurakucho

June 10, 2022

KOTARO NUKAGA will hold the exhibition “Gentaro Ishizuka / Mariko Kobayashi / Kyoji Takubo by KOTARO NUKAGA” at CADAN Yurakucho from June 28 (Tue) to July 17 (Sun), 2022.

Gentaro Ishizuka has traveled to polar regions such as Iceland and Alaska with a large format film camera to photograph nature and the man-made structures and remains that exist there. In the age of digital photography, where everything in the world is seen as a flat image, Ishizuka allows us to experience the world seen through different eyes. In this exhibition, Ishizuka will present a work that captures the louvers of the cloister and lighting of La Tourette Abbey, located in the suburbs of Lyon, France, designed by Le Corbusier. The louvers were designed by the contemporary musician and architect Yanis Xenakis, who called their uneven design “ondulatoire” (wavy). The shadows cast by the louvers create a unique Xenakisian melody in the quiet prayer space.

Mariko Kobayashi combines various textile techniques such as weaving, dyeing, knitting, and stitching to express the various connections that exist in the world. By depicting plants and creatures using organic forms and materials that return to nature, she vividly depicts the recursive cycle of the natural world and peruses the “now” in which we live as “human beings”. In this exhibition, he presents for the first time his textile and sculptural works that depict the creatures that form part of the cycle and the universe that surrounds them. Kobayashi’s works, which connect trivial observations to a larger story, will make us feel the essential nature of life.

Kyoji Takubo, an artist representing the post-Mono-ha generation, has been presenting “landscape art” as a theme that continues to exist as a site of expression even after the artist has finished creating it. In a project that took about 10 years to complete, he was awarded the Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government after the completion of the “Chapelle des Apples,” a chapel built 500 years ago in a small village in the Normandy region of France. The work was highly acclaimed not only for its importance as a work of art, but also for its long-term collaboration with the local community.This exhibition features two-dimensional works depicting camellias, a representative motif, as well as mosaic works using apples, which have become Takubo’s signature motif since his “Chapel of Apples” (completed in 1996). Naturally blending into the landscape, the apples are transformed by the bold combination of natural stones and bear abundant fruit.



Gentaro Ishizuka / Mariko Kobayashi / Kyoji Takubo by KOTARO NUKAGA
Artists:Gentaro Ishizuka, Mariko Kobayashi, Kyoji Takubo
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – Sunday, July 17, 2022


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