Mariko Kobayashi (b. 1987, Osaka, Japan) graduated MA Fine Art Textile at Tama Art University in 2012. The artist depicts different connections that exist in the world by utilizing textile techniques such as weaving, dyeing, knitting, and stitching. Her artist concept is based on the awareness of being conscious in the present moment, as we continue our life as mortal beings. Kobayashi’s work traces the long journey of how the flesh, the physical body that separates humans and animals, returns to the earth, and continues a new life after the reincarnation. Her exploration attempts to unravel essential form of life, which is rendered in chaos created by overlaying colors and shapes of different materials.



‘Stories that went Over’, KOTARO NUKAGA, Tokyo, Japan
‘All You Need to Bear is the Sun’, CADAN Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan
‘All of the world’, s+arts gallery, Tokyo, Japan
‘Waking up at blue, Sleeping in the red’, Art for Thought, Tokyo, Japan
‘Circular forest’, FEI ART MUSEUM, Kanagawa, Japan
‘Mariko Kobayashi exhibition ーGray Groundー’, Shonandai MY Gallery Tokyo, Japan
‘Pair 2013’, Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
‘Mariko Kobayashi exhibition’, ANOTHER FUNCTION, Tokyo, Japan

‘FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2022’, Yamanashi, Japan
‘Under Current’, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China
‘Between Before and After’, SAN Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
‘Coexist’, gallery FIXA, Okayama, Japan
‘Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22’, Ishinomaki, Japan
‘FIBER&FACES 12+1 -Metamorphosis- ‘,3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
‘Wind of journey -Garden of lights’ playland-‘ , Nature Park of Akayama History Iina Park Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan
’11th International Shibori Symposium -international shibori symposium-‘, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
‘Textile Art Miniature 5’, gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan
‘7th anniversary of Kyoto LAQUE’, LAQUE Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto, Japan
‘Art DARUMA “Messages for a New Half Year 2016” ‘, Tokyo Midtown PLAZA B1, Tokyo, Japan
‘MY WAY 2016’, Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
‘Suteki Style cloth×cross’, FEI ART MUSEUM Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
‘ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2015 (WS)’, Tokyo Midtown PLAZA B1, Tokyo, Japan
‘Midtown Blossom street museum 2015’, Tokyo Midtown, PLAZA B1, Tokyo, Japan
‘Tama Art Quality -the heirs of Tama Art University-‘ , Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
‘Textile Art Miniature 4 -Hyakka Seiho (Blooms of Hundreds of Flowers)-‘,gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan
‘Tokyo Midtown Award 2014’, Tokyo Midtown PLAZA B1, Tokyo, Japan
‘MY duo 2014’, Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
‘WWF Japan EARTH HOUR 2014’, Yokohama Canal Park, Kanagawa, Japan
‘MY duo 2013’, Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
‘Slovakia-Japan Cultural Exchanges Miniature Exhibition’, Gallery of Slovak Art’s Union, Bratislava, Slovakia
‘Tokyo Designers Week 2012 “Jakuchu Ito Inspired Work Exhibition” , ‘ Tokyo, Japan
‘Textile Present’, AKIBATAMABI21, Tokyo, Japan
‘New beat in Hong Kong’, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China
‘Textile Art Miniature 2 -Hyakka Seiho (Blooms of Hundreds of Flowers)-‘, gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan
‘Expected Artists 2011 ‘, Shonandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan



’Under Current Satellite Exhibition’ at N&A Art SITE

Under Current Satellite Exhibition” will be held at N&A Art SITE (Meguro-ku, Tokyo) from December 3 (Sat) to 17 (Sat), 2022. This exhibition is an abstracted exhibition in Japan of “Under Current,” an exhibition by 16 Japanese artists currently being held at the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai. The exhibition will feature one work from each

’Under Current’, an exhibition of 16 Japanese artists, opens at Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, China

From November 11, 2022 to January 29, 2023, the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, China will present ‘Under Current,’ an exhibition of 16 Japanese artists. (URL: http://www.powerlongmuseum.com/exhibition_detail/80.html) KOTARO NUKAGA is proud to announce that Yuichi Hirako, Tomona Matsukawa, Mariko Kobayashi and Keita Morimoto participate in this group exhibition. Regarded as the largest private museum in Asia, the

Mariko Kobayashi ‘Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature 2022’

Mariko Kobayashi is participating in ‘Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature 2022’for the third time this year. The  ‘Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature 2022’ is a once-every-three-years art event that takes place in Yunogo, Okutsu, and Yubara hot springs in the Mimasaka region of northern Okayama Prefecture. 26 artists from inside and

Gentaro Ishizuka・Mariko Kobayashi ・Kyoji Takubo | CADAN Yurakucho

KOTARO NUKAGA will hold the exhibition “Gentaro Ishizuka / Mariko Kobayashi / Kyoji Takubo by KOTARO NUKAGA” at CADAN Yurakucho from June 28 (Tue) to July 17 (Sun), 2022. Gentaro Ishizuka has traveled to polar regions such as Iceland and Alaska with a large format film camera to photograph nature and the man-made structures and


KOTARO NUAKAGA has donated all proceeds from the sale of Mariko Kobayashi’s works exhibited at Yurakucho Window Gallery 2022 to support animal welfare in Ukraine. Donations will be made to the following organizations. ▼Donation Organizations https://sites.google.com/view/vetcrew We pray for peace for all life together with the world.

Exhibition Announcement - TAIPEI DANGDAI 2022

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to present our exhibition at an international art fair TAIPEI DANGDAI 2022, which will be held from May 20 (Fri) at the Taipei World Trade Center. At this art fair, KOTARO NUKAGA will be exhibiting 19 of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works by 6 artists, including Stefan Brüggemann, Yuichi Hirako and Mariko Kobayashi. Yuichi

Mariko Kobayashi “Stories that went Over”

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce Mariko Kobayashi’s (1987, Osaka) first solo exhibition at our gallery, “Stories that went Over” from April 17 to May 22. Learn more Exhibition Outline Title : Stories that went Over Artist : Mariko Kobayashi Date : April 17 – May 22, 2021 Open Hours : 11:00 ~ 18:00 (Tue

Art Fair Tokyo 2021

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce its participation in Art Fair Tokyo 2021. We will showcase new works by Stefan Brüggemann, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Yuichi Hirako, Mariko Kobayashi, Tony Matelli and Tomokazu Matsuyama. Stefan Brüggemann develops a conceptual approach to the artistic process, which he explores with a critical and often provocative and ironical attitude,

Mariko Kobayashi | CADAN Yurakucho

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce “All You Need to Bear is the Sun,” a solo exhibition by Mariko Kobayashi, from November 3 through 22 at CADAN Yurakucho. Utilizing a method of combining different materials using textile techniques such as weaving, dying, knitting, and stitching, Kobayashi renders different connections that exist in the world. “Circulation

Alternative Show : ART FAIR TOKYO 2020

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to highlight works by two contemporary women artists, Inka Essenhigh and Mariko Kobayashi, from our alternative show at the gallery in response to the cancellation of the Art Fair Tokyo 2020. The show starts from Thursday, March 19th, 2020. We will also be presenting works by Nir Hod, Tony Matelli, and