'Tomokazu Matsuyama: HK Drop' Tomokazu Matsuyama's third major project in Hong Kong

June 10, 2022

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with one of the world’s leading auction houses Sotheby’s Hong Kong and SK Lam’s global creative studio AllRightsReserved (ARR) to present “Tomokazu Matsuyama: HK Drop.” This collaborative campaign will see New York-based Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama take over Hong Kong, one of the cities at the heart of the art world, with a solo exhibition of all new works at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, followed up by the release of a special limited edition sculpture created in collaboration with ARR.

Matsuyama’s solo exhibition “Harmless Charm” will be held at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery from June 14 to 21. Featuring 13 new paintings, the show also marks the artist’s first foray into NFTs with 9 new NFT digital artworks. Combining techniques and aesthetic principles from the East and West with motifs from contemporary consumer culture to depict the “global identity” of our current society, Matsuyama’s works have been highly acclaimed and are coveted by many collectors around the world.

This exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Matsuyama’s latest works, featuring works from 4 of his painting series, including “Fictional Landscape” and “Abstract”. Three of Matsuyama’s painting series– “Fictional Landscape,” “Abstract,” and “Equestrian”– have also been transformed into digital videos that will be presented as 3 unique and 6 limited edition NFT artworks. “Where did we come from, and where are we going?” This question is embodied by these works, which, for Matsuyama, are a portrayal of reality and a depiction of the ambiguity and elusiveness of contemporary society. This digital space, intentionally superficial and steeped in transience, immerses the viewer’s emotions. The artist’s first attempt at digital art showcases his uncompromising creativity in a variety of mediums.

On June 16, ARR will present Tomokazu Matsuyama’s latest special limited edition sculpture. In this three-dimensional rendition of his signature “Equestrian” series, Matsuyama redefines the equestrian statue, historically depicted as imposing and dignified, in his characteristic color palette. The edition also features a unique round pedestal that sways back and forth, adding a   element of movement to the piece. This release commemorates the very first collaboration between Matsuyama and ARR, which has collaborated with many world-class artists such as KAWS

“Tomokazu Matsuyama: HK Drop” is the artist’s third major project in Hong Kong, following “Sky Is The Limit”, the artist’s 2014 installation and exhibition of larger-than-life sculptures at Harbor City, and “Oh Magic Night”, his 2017 solo exhibition at HOCA Foundation. In 2020-21, Matsuyama gained the attention of Chinese art fans as the first Japanese artist to hold a major traveling solo exhibition at The Long Museum in Shanghai and Chongqing. Although global issues like the pandemic and conflicts continue to threaten our lives, humanity continues to strive toward a new era, be it through technological innovation or through personal connections on a micro level. In this chaotic world, Matsuyama says, “I feel that many people are beginning to seek hope in art.” We invite you to be a part of Matsuyama’s newest artistic exploration, which he will showcase to the world from the place that he calls his second home, Hong Kong.

Tomokazu Matsuyama: HK Drop

Harmless Charm
July 14 (Tue) – July 21 (Mon), 2022
Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery
partner company: KOTARO NUKAGA
HP: https://www.sothebys.com/en/digital-catalogues/tomokazu-matsuyama-harmless-charm 

Limited Editions Announced
AllRightsReserved × Tomokazu Matsuyama
June 16(Thu) , Tomokazu Matsuyama’s special limited edition three-dimensional artwork is unveiled.