Tomokazu Matsuyama collaborates with "Yuzu" on the 25th anniversary of their debut

February 02, 2022

Tomokazu Matsuyama and Yuzu, a powerful J-Pop artist celebrating their 25th anniversary, will be collaborating on this project.

Yuzu has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Takashi Murakami and Kohei Nawa. To mark the quarter-century anniversary of their debut, Yuzu has announced that they will be collaborating with Tomokazu Matsuyama, who has drawn a new piece, “People With People,” for their new album “PEOPLE,” which will be released on Wednesday, March 23. It will be used as the main visual for the 25th anniversary tour, including the album “PEOPLE” jacket. At 2.1 meters in length and 4.3 meters in width, this large-scale work is the largest scale work ever presented in Japan, and is a canvas work from Matsuyama’s signature series “Fictional Landscape. Designs and motifs from the East and West constitute an original pictorial space.

Tomokazu Matsuyama Comment:
About the work “People With People
In the Corona disaster, like many people, I have often felt the bonds between people again. In response to Yuzu’s work “PEOPLE”, I wanted to multiply it and make the circle even bigger, so I chose the title “People With People”. It also means that I am involved in this project as an author and an artist. People and the environment surrounding them continue to change. Especially in the last two years, we have come to know this firsthand. We know ourselves through others. We see ourselves. I am grateful to be able to face the theme of “People” with Yuzu-san at this time.