Gentaro Ishizuka — February 5 – March 31, 2022

From February 5th (Sat) to March 31st (Thu), 2022, KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is  pleased to present ‘Ondulatoire’, a solo exhibition by Gentaro Ishizuka. The exhibition will present 17 artworks including new works by the artist.

The world as seen from under the hood of a dark cloth and through the focusing screen of a camera lens seems to appear three-dimensional, due to the manipulation of the camera. It is “as if the eyes are molding the world into a sculpture,” as Ishizuka describes it. This idea of reinterpreting the photographic space underlies Ishizuka’s entire photographic practice to date. Adopting a style that draws upon the 1970s strategy of “deadpan photography” (Note 1), which aimed to present a detached and documentative (hence “deadpan”) form of photography as art, Ishizuka allows us, in this age of digital photography where everything in the world is seen as a flat image, to experience the world through different eyes.