Stefan Brüggemann — September 18- October 23, 2021

From September 18th to October 23rd, 2021, KOTARO NUKAGA, Roppongi is pleased to announce that we will be presenting ‘ALLOW ACTION (GOLD PAINTINGS)’, a solo exhibition by Stefan Brüggemann. This marks the artist’s second show with the gallery, and three years since he opened the gallery’s first show in October 2018.

In this show, Brüggemann will be showcasing ten new pieces from his latest, ‘Gold Paintings’, which was born during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. The ‘Gold Paintings’ in this series were made by first attaching printed text decals onto a wooden panel. Sheets of gold leaf were then roughly layered by hand, and as a finishing touch the surface was scarred by stapling the wood panel from behind or hacking at the front with a knife. On some, the bottom layers peek through the peeling gold leaf where it was shredded by the artist; on others, the stapled gold leaf crumbles and flakes apart. By leaving behind traces of his physical movements, the works become uniquely marked, inviting different interpretations into each individual artwork. The delicate gold leaf that covers the surface reflects even the faintest light, exposing and amplifying even the slightest scratches and dents on the work. In this way it becomes a device that reminds us of the torrent of text that floods our digital society, which exist limitlessly beyond the letters that appear in the work.