Camélia | Stories that went Over

Kyoji Takubo | Mariko Kobayashi — April 16 – May 22, 2021

KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to announce Kyoji Takubo “Camélia” and Mariko Kobayashi “Stories that went Over” from April 17 to May 22.

In this exhibition, Takubo will be presenting a new series of cut-out in the motif of yabutsubaki. Seto Inland Sea’s unique environment, where he visited during the renovation project of Kotohirayama, was calm because of its warm climate, and islands with gentle ridges. As if responding to this environment, yabutsubaki bloomed with its dignified presence. Takubo says that he read the cultural features of the land from this flower and thought of it as “the flower in its existence with earth and water”; which then became an important material for him. Whilst changing its material and method, this is a motif that appears repeatedly in his works, such as drawings using sepia color, and mosaic made by natural stones. Takubo’s new ‘Landscape Art’ will beautifully raise its curtain with this one and only yabutsubaki.

Exhibition title “Stories that went Over” by Mariko Kobayashi implies two meanings: the story portraying us today on top of an immense number of ancestors’ lives, and the stories of the future lives after we finish our role and go back to earth.
Kobayashi, known for using the whole exhibition space and understanding features of different spaces, will now bring the thin skin of the ‘Cycle of Life’ into shape, and weave a new story here.