Tomokazu Matsuyama:Shinjuku Station East Square Public Art Project

July 25, 2020

Directed by New York-based contemporary artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, the public art square with a monument and land art is presented at JR Shinjuku Station East Square.

The theme is Metro – Bewilder, a coined word created by Matsuyama; “metro” refers to a metropolitan city, and “wild” refers to the wilderness of nature, combined with the word “bewilder”. In the center of the square is the eight-meter sculpture Hanao-San, its motif drawn from a boy holding a bouquet of flowers. Matsuyama integrated aesthetics deeply rooted in Japan and flower patterns from various countries and historical periods in the sculpture and the vividly-colored land art, transforming the space into an unprecedented community space.

Designing the square through the lens of contemporary art where the new GLOCAL culture – mash-up of global and local – can be experienced, Matsuyama turned JR Shinjuku Station East Square into a cultural and creative hub. If you are in the Shinjuku area, please visit the station.

Location:Traffic circle at Shinjuku station square that connects Central East Entrance and East Entrance, JR Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku, Tokyo

©︎Makoto Shikuya

©︎Makoto Shikuya

Tomokazu Matsuyama
《Hanao-San》 2020 Stainless 7m

©︎Makoto Shikuya

Details of the project has been featured in media listed below. The work will also be featured on TV and other media in the future.

・AXIS Web Magazine

Art production, concept, overall supervision:Tomokazu Matsuyama
Design, design supervision:sinato Inc.
Basic design, implementation design:JR East Design Corporation